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Featured: Touch Base Magazine

In November I had the opportunity to enter into a Dalhousie University photo exhibition for international students studying at the university. Four of my photos were featured and I was later emailed by Touch Base Magazine asking if I would like to participate in an interview. I agreed to the interview under the condition I could interview Mrs. Arthur afterwards; it isn't everyday you have free access to an NYC living magazine editor! But that's another story.Touch Base in my own words, focuses on global stories in a Canadian context. The magazine looks at  issues of Culture, Conflict, Immigration, and other related topics. The magazine has been in print for over 15 years and I'm honoured to have been featured!Unfortunately, constraints meant the photographer interviews had to be scaled down to just a quotes and the story behind our favourite photo.If you would like to read the whole article and my person comments: Through the lens: international student photography


Jungle boat

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