Banana Spider

Bermuda Winter 2013 Photo Essay

Woodie Bermuda

Woody Bermuda

I have been trying to photograph this old Woodie in Bermuda for some time now and the background turned out to be perfect. A pristine automobile against the worn asphalt and a closed liquor store.



Banana Spider

Banana Spider

I have  been enjoying insect photography; combing my love for macro life with vibrant colours, textures and a new photo technique. Getting this shot required me to get in very close with a spider and what resulted was this amazing shot! Banana spider are becoming increasingly rare and I am lucky I found this guy.



Hamilton Harbour

(Long Exposure)

hamilton harbour

Long exposure photography is a passion of mine. This photograph came from three hours of shooting in Point Shares, Pembroke. What I love about long exposure photography is how difficult it is to line up a shot in the dark and the accomplishment when you get it just right.

The Cave

(Undisclosed Location)


The bottom of the cave was pitch blacking, making pictures next to impossible. After several attempts at different settings this was the best final product with the maximum exposure and lowest F-value my camera could offer. The red bob in the water and punt I found makes me think this might be a research and cave diving location. Sitting in the black silence with fallen rock all around me while these pictures exposed was an interesting experience and one hopefully I will share next time!

Calcium Mushrooms


 These mushrooms shapes are formed from water drops and the clusters are beginnings of stalagmites. Going into a cave alone, full of slick rocks and large fallen ones probably wasn't a safe idea. But I couldn't find anyone to go with and when my trip was unexpectedly extended, I said "Screw it! Let's do it!" The cave is huge, roughly 60ft. to the bottom from the cave mouth and about 90ft. from the cave crest. It was dark and damp but surprisingly no insects, fish or wildlife. It was silent except for the sound of water droplets slowing forming stalactites and stalagmites. The only negative aspect was all the trash; even in a secluded cave humanity's waste has penetrated this pristine environment.

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