Bermuda Abandoned Slaughter House

Abandoned Bermuda

The Abandoned

I love the abandoned and forgotten. In Bermuda this love has proven harder and harder to find; land development on the island is always reclaiming that which has been forgotten. This is a collection of photos of “The Abandoned” from my most recent trip to Bermuda. Several photographers teased photos of an abandoned complex hidden deep in the jungle. I didn’t know where it was, but I had a general idea.

Like something out of Jurassic Park – The Lost World , I turned a corner and in front of me were two large, two-story buildings. I was blown away. How could something this big and this exciting be kept this well hidden? I would reckon there were between 6-10 buildings total. At least two of the buildings were slaughterhouses. The tiled pens still had large animal bones and scapulas. One building from floor to ceiling had small chicken cages.

I cannot emphasize enough how everything was covered in vines. The vines trees simultaneously broke down walls and held them up. The vines wove between broken windows, they climbed up the staircases, and even encased a fireplace. The vines used the buildings and climbed to great heights of over three-stories tall! It was truly something amazing to behold how nature had conquered this place.


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