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Abandoned 9 Beaches Resort


It felt like a ghost town in Paradise. These canvas cabanas are the remains of a once heralded resort. In April 2005, The 9 Beaches resort in Somerset Bermuda opened. The 18 acre resort presented itself as an eco-resort with these low impact environmentally friendly cabanas. In total there were 84 of these huts.

From the beginning the resort had problems. In its first year, the resort could break barely 50% occupancy even at the best of times. The smell from the nearby pig farm and slaughterhouse was often an issue and poor customer service was an issue. In an effort to save the resort, room rates were cut, staff laid off, and new management was brought in to improve the situation. While a while it was working! Many people enjoyed the resort, it was well ranked and was even featured on the cover of Island Magazine in 2009.

Unfortunately success was short lived. In May 2010 the resort was closed for major renovations. Since that time, several units were leased as low income housing but the majority of the property was left to ruin. Today, squatters live in several of the buildings and the low income housing unit occupants are in the midst of being evicted. When I went to explore the area I was yelled by one lady being evicted. She claimed I was scouting to take her land and threatened to call the police.

There is a local Stand-Up-Paddleboard (SUP) rental business on the property that is very popular with locals and tourists alike. Unfortunately despite the popularity, the property owners have decided not to renew his lease much to the disappoint of many (including my mother).

From speaking to those who worked and stayed at 9 Beaches, the canvas cabanas suffered from several problems ranging from security, no air-conditioning in the hot climate, and the amount of sound that could be heard from inside.

It was a beautiful day to explore this abandoned place. It was sad seeing such a beautiful concept and location in such poor condition. I hope you enjoy exploring this place through my lens.

– Foreign Underground



View of the original grounds (source: TripAdvisor)
View of the original grounds (source: TripAdvisor)


The interior of the original cabanas (source: TripAdvisor)
The interior of the original cabanas (source: TripAdvisor)

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